JOHNSONOLOGY is defined as the study of managerial psychology through a series of theoretical principles being researched and developed by Dr. Rick D. Johnson. The focus of this emerging research inquiry is to develop four segments of management research to advance contemporary existing knowledge surrounding professional management logic. Johnsonology is the foundation for Dr. Johnson’s AEC Management Cybernetics Model (MC Model).


  • MANAGERENSICS: This is the name given to one theory under development by Dr. Johnson based on the principles of a combination of management cybernetics and the philosophy of forensics. Ultimately showing how the theory may work within the MC Model is the initial goal as the research progresses through action research inclusive of process consulting. A mixed methods study with some form of a quasi-experiment may follow qualitative research to validate its practical application in industry and even academia.

The rationale for this theory name came about due to an evidenced-based approach to management consulting that Dr. Johnson calls Management Forensics – he defines it as:

“The application of the science of management in a legal or regulated occupational setting inclusive of integrated multidiscipline leadership and formal professional management, operations debate, or argumentation culminating a process of meta-management system analysis.”

Dr. Rick D. Johnson

  • KYBERNOLOGY: This is the secondary theory taken from the word “kibernetics” which is further taken from the Latin word “kybernetes”: the governor or captain who steers. This theory is relevant because it is part of the makeup of cybernetics. Managerensics or kybernology can be referenced together or individually because there is an overlap of similar elements of epistemology and even ontology that relate to both.
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