The MC Model

Dr. R. D. Johnson


This model shows the integration of four systems involved in Dr. Johnson’s AEC Management Cybernetics Model (The MC Model or MCM). The model builds on the automation of self-regulation in a continuous feedback system, but with the added value of leadership as the pinnacle factor. The theoretical foundation is focused on the complexity leadership theory as the basis of this model. Within the model’s life-cycle framework, there are five domains with each domain having five processes. The framework can be applied in building and design firms practicing architecture, engineering, or construction (AEC), but can also be utilized by real estate development companies and other practitioners who specialize in various types of building projects [small or large]. Local, state, or federal agencies can benefit from the implementation of this model as it relates to integrated approaches to the management of housing and facilities projects under their control. Private clients benefit from the one-stop results they gain on individual projects or multiple projects overall. This model is also developed as a scholar-practitioner topic of study for academia in conjunction with its application in industry so that further research studies can be performed to add to the body of knowledge in both academia and practice.


Please contact Dr. Johnson for speaking engagements, presentations, webcasts, co-authorship, teaching or research commissions, or more information regarding this model. More details will be posted in progression.

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