IPD Applications

The finite details incorporated into how a building project gets planned, executed, managed, and measured are enough to make clients’ heads spin. Business today all but mandates a project team to 0532work as one. Many clients are not only requesting, they are requiring integrated approaches for overall project activities. The purpose of integrated project delivery¬†(IPD) is to bring together various practices, systems, people, talents, skills, and the overall business structures of associated entities to a single accord for project execution. A prime goal of IPD is to provide a way for a full building project to be implemented by all parties under one contract. According to the American Institute of Architects, work is carried out, managed, and monitored collectively over the duration of the project. The integrated process is expected to strengthen the composite team skill-level in contrast to traditional project delivery approaches. 0537Management professionals and design professionals do not always have a balanced level of education or experience in both fields. Therefore, management and technical expertise sometimes falter when it comes to managing firms and the programs and projects they develop. Consequently, there is a need for management professionals within these companies to practice management strategies that will sustain the diverse services that current-day practitioners carry out. IPD opens up the doors for global partnerships, which result in more promising economic benefits for the entire team. Project management and delivery now include scores of internal and external specialists coming together to deliver a final project or program to clients. The work of the entire team is more integrated and non-sequential in many respects. This denotes a particular type of expert knowledge applicable to technical management capabilities.

JDP has conducted qualitative research that has allowed us to factor in the thoughts of all practitioners to a project, and has identified the most needed areas of attention during an IPD project. The firm can help you through planning and contract execution of the integrated project delivery method. We can then assist with ongoing consulting through advice and recommendations based on milestone reports and action research during your project. This type of service is best conducted at project conception, but it can be incorporated in later stages of project development as necessary.

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