Doctoral Dissertation Coaching

The journey to the successful conference of a doctorate can be a very grueling and often lonely path. For any current or previous candidate on this road, they can attest to the experiences encountered that could have been facilitated and minimized to a less stressful undertaking. In current academia; mentors, chairs, and other qualified advisors help students and candidates understand the dissertation process as required. However, the timeline from beginning to end can take a candidate approximately 3 to 10 years depending on when they actually start the dissertation phase of doctoral school.

As a specialized consulting service, the firm offer a particular model that assist candidates in their studies and research on a weekly basis. Daily coaching is offered where needed but is tailored in a way that is not overburdened on client or consultant. We mentor all our clients from an individual perspective separated from your selected institution’s mentor. However, we do not go against the grain of what is expected of you from your chair/mentor. What we do is enhance your ability to deliver on that expectation successfully by coaching you in all the areas necessary to do so. Our areas of coaching are as follows:



  • Research Law, Ethics, and Candidate Professional Responsibility
  • The Five-chapter Dissertation Overview
  • Prospectus Development
  • Proposal Development
    • Chapter 1 Introduction
    • Chapter 2 Literature Review
    • Chapter 3 Research Methodology
  • Proposal Defense Preparation
  • IRB Application Assistance, Review, & Analysis


  • Data Collection & Data Analysis
    • Chapter 4 Findings & Discussion
    • Chapter 5 Dissertation Conclusion
    • Final Defense Preparation
    • Public Presentation Attendance

We welcome any doctoral candidate or student who is approaching the dissertation stage to give us a call or email for a free phone consultation to discuss how this service could benefit you.

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